Monday, November 8, 2010

Huxley Mouse reaches Canada

Huxley is a hit in Canada. Take a look at what people are saying about the character from my book at

The Mouse Writer collectibles launched in Canada on November 4th. The book will be available in U.S. Starbucks exclusively November 16.


Melody206 said...

Hey you should have made that a clickable link to my site! On a serious note, definitely true that lots of people see a ton of charm in the Huxley story. I had heard that it was written by a Starbucks partner. Do you work at the SSC? Would love to hear from you and talk to you more about Huxley.

Ethan Johnson said...

Melody, of Starbucks Melody. You've got to be kidding. Welcome to Seriously Twisted Stories. Look for an email from me.

cathy said...

Hi Ethan. Love the Huxley mouse writer. Only wish that we in Canada could enjoy the story as well....Maybe a free download after puchasing Huxley and his mug could be arranged. As I have purchased 2 sets I would love to include the story with them. Would you be able to send it via e mail?

Ethan Johnson said...
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Ethan Johnson said...

I got this email recently. Loved it. And, Kelley, I'm working on getting copies out there somehow.


I purchased your book at Starbucks. I loved it and was very much
looking forward to reading it to my nieces.
When I got home from work today, my dogs had enjoyed it too. It was
in a million pieces all over the living room floor.
Where would I be able to find another copy of the book?

Best wishes (from a former Seattleite)

Kelley Adams